Necessity: “an imperative requirement or need for something.” (
When the word “necessity” comes to mind, the usually definitionis something we need, something necessary for life to prosper. Unfortunately, we do not need cell phones, cars, electronics, fancy restaurants, expensive wedding rings and over priced clothing to live. The young and upcoming generationsare delivered into a world were status, money and power circulate the globe. Naturally, children inherit these traits and mostly unknowingly bestow them to the future generations. Thousands of years ago, people lived harder lives, but livable ones. Though life has became “easier” through the advancements of technology, society neglects those who still have little or nothing. Consumed in a bubble of worries like school, relationships, work and friends, we easily forget that children are suffering. 
Not only does society purchase unnecessary items, but we still waste the leftovers. Remember that plastic water bottle you threw away after your workout? Well, your water bottle is one in 40 million that are thrown away each day, and to be honest, you know that you had some left over water in that bottle. Do you know how many children just died today in Africa due to thirst? 2,500. As 14 million children and adults worry about the risk of malnutrition from a drought, you continueto waste running water. No, I am not encouraginganyone to boycott water for life in switch to soda, (really? do not do that) but I am encouraging you to recycle or reuse the bottle. Yes, water is indeed a necessity for all humanity, which includes those dying of thirst and malnutrition. 
The luxurious gifts received during holidays and the expensive clothing worn are all great, if you have the money. Does it ever cross your mind that someone else is in need of dinner for the night? Or a pillow? Or a shirt? Society does not ponder these things as they check out of the register at the local mall. All many people think is how cute this new shirt is going to look on me. Next time try thinking how happy this shirt would look on a orphan living in poverty. Until society can change their mind on the world around them and what is really important in life is the time when children can be feed, lives can be saved and people can be happy. Personally, I cannot wait for that day. 
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