Changing the World Starts With You.

People give me a lot of hate for my dreams, and I ignore it all. NO one has a right to tell you what you can/can't do with your life. I want to change the world, and no one can be the reason that I won't. My only enemy is myself.



my favourite photo set (only photo set i will reblog) on tumblr

this brings tears to my eyes every time 


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On the bus recently...

Me:-minding my own business writing in my notepad in Nordic Runes-
Some Bitch:-sits down next to me and glances at my notepad-
What kind of freak are you?
-Glances at my legs-
Oh, that kind of freak.
Me:Excuse me? What did you just fucking say?
Some Bitch:You're a freak. You're writing in code, you emo loser.
Me:First of all, I'm writing in the Elder Futhark Runes. And secondly, don't fucking judge me by my scars.
Bus driver:Do we have a problem back here, ladies?
Some Bitch:(Yes, she actually fucking said this. I didn't believe it either) Yeah, we do. I don't want this emo freak anywhere near me.
Me:I was here 20 fucking minutes before you!
Bus driver:I understand, your problem, miss. Here, I'll escort you elsewhere.
-Leads that fucking bitch straight off his goddamn bus-
Have a lovely day.
Me:-Gives bus driver hug-
Bus driver:My daughter battled depression and self harm for 4 years. Nobody deserves to ever be treated like that.





The moment when you realize a child living in total poverty is more happy than you are. Money truly cannot buy happiness. I am in pursuit of that happiness.

this made my whole day.

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, actually

this is just pure adorableness <3 i am in love with this! omg x 

bless this kid, made my day

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I’m crying 

this is triggering but everyone should watch.

everyone should just take 5 minutes of their time to watch this.

wow… im in tears over this. VERY powerful.

brought to you by five finger death punch, a band youd most commonly call shit you cant understand 

cried :c

Reblogging this again because it’s so fucking important. If someone you love is having these same issues, do something about it. Don’t wait until it’s too fucking late…. That guilt will eat you alive, believe me.

I hope lots of people see this, that band, and others too, are so misunderstood oftentimes.

Oh my fucking god.

Fuck. Oh my god. That was amazing.

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